Friday, August 16, 2013

Australia's favorite spread

Do you remember Men At Work? They had a huge hit in 1981 called "Down under". The lyrics had a line that went: "... he just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich" From that day, Vegemite has been a big mystery to me, and I guess to most scandinavians from my generation. We don't have anything like it over here, and I have understood that one might not love it at first bite....

When sweet Pippa of Ouchflower awarded me a Liebster, one of her questions were "Vegemite or Marmite?" I had to admit I hadn't tasted either of them, whereas our dear blogging friend Kylie of Lucy Violet Vintage (who sadly is not blogging anymore) decided to send me a jar halfway across the globe!!!

Album and single covers. Great black and yellow graphics and a distinct 80s look (below)

TADAAA! The eagle has landed on norwegian soil, safe and sound:-)

And now to the tasting prosess. Kylie adviced me to try a thin layer on a piece of toast the first time, and so I did. I must say, tasting something so mysterious and exotic for the first time, gave me a few butterflies in my stomach. You aussies must be laughing by now! I even had to chose the right serving tray for the photo shoot, the yellow was no coincidence:-)

Let's just say the experience It wasn't as bad as I feared (I've heard some nasty rumours), and it could definitely grow on me. The taste was very concentrated and a bit spicy, like stock or bouillion, and had an aftertaste a bit like beer (?) Anyway, it was great fun to finally taste it, my kids tasted it too (with a couple of wrinkly noses, I have to add...)

Thank you so much, Kylie- what an amazing thing to do!!!

PS: miss your blog desperately!!!


  1. That was a sweet thing for Kylie to do. I am a big believer in "what goes around, comes around," because I just sent Kylie a little surprise a few days ago.

    Miss Ouch sent me a beautiful housewarming gift, so she will no doubt get a surprise from me as well one of these days.

    I think Vegemite would be very foreign to my palate too. There's a store about a mile from my house that sells it, so I may have to pick up a jar someday.

    1. Yes, wasn't that just the greatest thing to do? I still can't believe she did it. She's such a sweetheart, and so is Pippa! Lucky you, I saw that macrame beauty hanging there in your nest! Do pick one up, Dana, and tell us what you think!

  2. Gahhhh!! That plate!! Serious plate envy here. :) One of my bf's is a Brit so I was indoctrinated to Marmite in college. I am a fan - in small doses- but have to admit to being wary of Vegemite. I was a stricter vegetarian back in the day and not so keen on the meat base. So fun and sweet of Kylie to send you some so you could taste it! Blogging and Bloggers are the best!

    1. Yay- bloggers!! Yes, that was a really sweet and fun thing to do! I understand there's a Vegemite/ Marmite "war" going on:-)
      So glad you like my plate, Francine, it's actually brand new, as in not vintage! I ordered a couple when my kitchen was all gutted and everything was just miserable. It's a swedish design by Barbro Tryberg Boberg and Maria Holmer Dahlgren for BoM UNITED and Formverket. You'd love some of their other pieces too, many have that 60s vibe we love:-) If you're interested, there's a couple of links in my January 25th post (seems I can't link here in the comment field!) Let me know if I can get you some more info!


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