Sunday, August 26, 2012

Que Sera Sera....

I had THE greatest day of thrifting yesterday. I started out at a local annual charity fleamarket. The place was full of stuff ranging from treasures to plain junk. As people were fighting for a couple of badly bruised Cathrineholm bowls (I've decided not to fill my home with broken stuff, no matter how tempting the bargain), I spotted two great pieces of Stavangerflint Sera by Inger Waage, a serving plate and a large lidded dish, both in mint condition. In fact, they are so shiny they don't photograph well.

Then,on my way to do some weekend grocery shopping, I stopped by my nearest FRETEX (the norwegian Salvation Army second hand store) and found these great pieces from the Stavangerflint Brunette line by Kåre Berven Fjeldsaa. The design originally came in three different colors, brown, beige and a beautiful brownish olive green that you could combine.

I found six dessert- or soupbowls, a plate (that will be great for serving cookies etc), and a cup and saucer, all in olive green exept the cup, which has the light beige color. I have a large serving dish in this pattern that I found a couple of years ago. I really love the great color and the two- toned variations the relieff pattern makes. There's a great website about Stavangerflint, their production and designers, check it out here

I almost wish the Salvation Army would charge more, the bowls went for a ridiculous 15 kr (the equivalent to $2,50 or €2)a piece....

 Finally, I found this beautiful plate from norwegian manufacturer Hadeland in a pattern called Furu (pine). See the branches?


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