Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tor Viking repatriated

I'm amazed to see the keen interest in Figgjo pottery. A quick look at Ebay or Etsy proves it can be found in collections worldwide. Having grown up in the region they were made makes me very proud!

I recently managed to "repatriate" a set of four beautiful Tor Viking plates (17 cm wide) from the Isle of Wight (thank you Sarah!) I love this pattern, it reminds me so much of my childhood when every second household owned Figgjo sets. My mom had a Tor Viking set, but sadly it went to the local charity ages ago. Luckily she had saved this really cute sugar bowl and creamer that she has handed over to me.

This pattern is so amazing. At first glance you see these cute little flowers, then you spot the intricacy of the pattern, the great detailing.
The moment after the plates arrived, I scored two cute egg cups on Ebay, with a piece of the pattern you rarely see on the egg cups. They usually have a centered flower with a leaf on each side.

I thought I needed to hunt for some cups or mugs to go with the plates, but then I tried to pair them with some Iittala Ego espresso cups that I have, and find that they work really well together, don't you agree? They are small so they don't overpower the plates. Something old, something new.... 

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