Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend summary

The weekend always passes so quickly... Over here in Scandinavia the days are short at this time of the year. By five pm, it's almost dark, so we have to make the most of the daylight hours and make sure we're stocked up on candles for those cosy indoor evenings. It's been cold over here, but almost no snow. I live close to the water, so the frost usually puts it's white icing on the trees before the snow comes. I never really get used to the cold. I grew up on the southwestern coast, a stones throw from the North sea. The climate over there is like the british east coast. Over here, in the south eastern part of Norway (close to Oslo) the winters are colder, but the climate is more stabile. My longing for my childhood coast never seems to end. The landscape there is very different from here, we have miles and miles of sandy beaches, miles of stone polished by the sea and the land is flat and windy. It's a piece of Norway that looks more like Denmark, I'll show you some time!

I was out putting some seeds in the glass Eva Solo bird feeders I got from my sister last year, aren't they beautiful? They have an edge that the birds can sit on and hang by a black rubber band. I have two of them in my cherry tree that I can see from my kitchen window.

My lovely sister always gives me such wonderful gifts, stuff she knows that I like. Yesterday was my birthday, and she gave me the Muuto wooden salt and pepper mills that I've been lusting for. They will look so great in my new teak kitchen, where I plan to have a little black and white theme going on, as a contrast to the warm teak. My Bjørn Wiinblad wall plaques will be there too. If you don't already know the company, have a look here. Their products are designed by numerous cutting edge Scandinavian designers, like the award winning trio Norway Says, who designed the salt and pepper mills. I guess what I like so much about these, are their resemblance to the Danish Brio- toys! Playful AND functional, great combo. They come in white, black, multi colored and maple wood. 
Even the card my sister got me is such a great print, designed by Finnish designer Sanna Annukka who has designed for Marimekko. Have a look at her site, she makes some really great graphic stuff. I'm planning to frame it.

My husband got me a gift card from my favorite clothing store, and my parents keeps theirs a secret until they're coming to spend Christmas with us. They sent me this beautiful Christmas rose (that's translating directly from the norwegian name, I don't know if it's the right name in english). My kids got me some great L'Occitane goodies and some handmade cards, which always warm my heart.
On friday I made a quick stop at Fretex, the local charity store. I found another little Hadeland "tweeter", from their 70s series of ornaments. I already have two hearts and a bird, but this is larger. I love the 70s playfulness of the shape and pattern! 
I also found a lampshade for my red lamp. After searching numerous stores who all had more or less the same selection of very traditional shades, I finally found this straight tall one. Although very reasonably priced, it has a nice uneven linen finish, which I love on a lampshade. It's the only one I could find that looked okay on the lamp, I can see it could be slightly wider.  What do you think? I got one for my Søholm lamp too, I wasn't at all satisfied with the one I had.


  1. Everything you've showed us in this post makes my heart beat faster too Tove! So many gorgeous bits and pieces from your beautiful bird feeders all the way down to those lovely lamps.
    (lots of nice teak at your house too I see...)

  2. Thank you so much, Kylie! Have a great week!

  3. Such beautiful things! That birdfeeder is wonderful, and you're making me fall more and more in love with Hadeland. Both your lamps look amazing in their new shades. You chose the perfect size and shape.

  4. Thank you so much, Dana! Finding the right shade was tricky, I'm glad you approve!! I' m so thrilled you like our Norwegian glass:-) I'm drooling over my mum's Hadeland Greenland set (by Arne Jon Jutrem, the green glass with bubbles).

  5. Belated birthday wishes! Your taste and finds has me gasping! It obviously runs in the family too! I'd love that bird feeder but probably would hang it indoors, too good for the birdies! Please posts pics of your home town, would love to see Norway through your eyes!

  6. Thank you so much, Pippa!! I'd love to show you my home town:-) I'll dig up some nice pics for you!


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