Sunday, December 02, 2012

Hadeland Furu

I heard somewhere that three items makes a collection. If that's the case, I now officially have a  collection of Hadeland Furu (pine)!
I found the first plate, which is a dinner- plate size, a while ago. I wasn't really looking for it, but recognized the pattern and found it really beautiful. This weekend I found a larger serving plate and a wall plaque. Even if it has a little hole in it for hanging, I think I'll rather use it as a small cheese plate. It's perfect for a piece of brie. My walls are next to white, so the pattern wouldn't show. That is, if I don't work up the courage to paint one of my walls black like this, which I think looks amazing. That's a great mid- century blog from Brussels, by the way, well worth exploring.

The furu pattern was designed by artist Severin Brørby. I'm a bit unsure of the year, but the information I have found suggests 1972. I'm not at all sure about this, if any of you guys out there know anything about it, it would be great to hear from you. There's not a great deal of information to be found on the web. The pieces are heavy and substantial, made of full lead crystal. The wall plaque is flat while the plates have carefully rounded edges. The pine branch  pattern is pressed into the back, leaving the front shiny and smooth.




  1. That is a beautiful pattern. I've become fascinated with Hadeland since I did my post on Willy Johansson, so I'm going to have to do more research. I have "a collection of 3" pieces of stemware by Fostoria in the Pine pattern that would look fantastic with those plates.

  2. It's so great that you're interested in Hadeland. I guess we norwegians see this as a bit of a "household brand", there is hardly a wedding without some Hadeland on the gift table!
    They have such an extensive range of products, art glass, the more mass produced designs and the crystal animals that sell by the thousands to tourists and are widely used as corporate gifts. I am, of course, mostly into their vintage stuff...

  3. I'm loving the collection of three concept, count be in as a new devotee on these plates! :)

  4. You really have to go look up Dana's pine glasses. Ever since I saw them on her blog I have been kind of fascinated. I have vowed to never buy glasses that you can't put in the dishwasher so I am not tempted. Yes, 3 makes a collection. Sadly, I have many little collections. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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