Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday treats

Thought I'd bring you a few friday treats:-) I can't seem to shift my focus from kitchens these days. I find it hard to concentrate at work and can't wait until "D- day"! All the decicions are made, the cabinets will be teak, the countertop white stone, the hood, stove and induction top black. I've stumbled upon some great stuff on my search for lamps and all the things we need (or ather want:-) for our new kitchen. Some of them are great mid- century designs, some are very mid- century inspired. I guess most of them will remain on my wishlist for quite a while...

I've decided I want lamps over my new kitchen counter, not downlights. I love these. The Aalto A110 by Artek is sooo expensive, and we need three.... I doubt very much that it will appear in my kitchen any time soon, but hey, a girl's allowed to drool.... 
The Topan from Verner Panton is a hot candidate. I love the ball shape, and it would go well together with other lamps we have. It might be a bit big, though, there's a window involved. Well, we'll see.
This is a really cool lamp by nordic design company Muuto. It's designed by a norwegian design group called Norway says. I love it in yellow and grey. I wish it came in black too! 

What's a kitchen without great teatowels? These are some great ones that I found out there in cyberspace, the last one I own.

This one is by finnish design company Kauniste, and it's actually a calender, that is, if you can work out the finnish words. It also comes as a poster. Love that 70s vibe! I concider ordering the poster and frame it just because of the great graphics. Even if I don't understand a word...
This one is from Roddy & Ginger's great shop over at Etsy. The logs are so beautifully graphic.

I loved the colors on this tea towel from Ferm Living so much that I had to get it. It was right after we decided to go for teak cabinets. The pattern is called Moon. 

I need some new chopping boards and thought I'd splurge just a TINY bit and throw out my old ones from Ikea. There are some really great swedish ones on the market. The black and white slightly triangular one is from Formverket and is called "Plattan" after a town square in Stockholm that has the same pattern as large scale paving. That same company has also designed the following two very retro inspired trays, that also comes as chopping boards. I'm totally in love with both the pattern and the colors!
We're gonna get one of the small wall- mounted String shelves for the kitchen to keep the Tivoli radio and a selection of my Figgjo and Stavangerflint stuff. The sides will be black, the shelves black or walnut. Sadly they don't make the shelves in teak anymore, but I've noticed that walnut changes a lot when exposed to sunlight and becomes very similar to teak. 
Aren't these little Arabia Teema creamers cute? I spotted them over at 20th Century Goods, and this gorgeous plate is from that same shop. The pattern is called Everfresh Hilltop and was designed in the 70s by Mikasa.
Finally, I'll show you some great little knobs from danish designer Anne Black. They have nothing to do with my kitchen plans, I got them to add some oomph to a really dull cabinet in my living room. She makes some wonderful handmade porcelain stuff, even som REALLY cute little earrings. Anne Black is a fairtrade company and her stuff is produced in Vietnam in a facility supported by the Danish development programme (DANIDA), that focuses on improving working conditions. 
Her webshop is well worth checking out. A little late for the Christmas wishlist, though...
Wish you all an amazing weekend! 



  1. I love it all! I'm doing black appliances and black lighting fixtures too. I can't wait to see your finished product.

  2. Wow, really?? Seems like we have a LOT in common:-)
    Can't wait to see yours either!!


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