Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Post Christmas update

I threw out Christmas today. I never manage to wait until the 13th day of Christmas, which is when Christmas officially (traditionally rather!) ends. January, however, always makes me want to get everything back to normal. These beautiful guys will definitely NOT be spending the rest of the year in the Christmas decoration boxes, though, aren't they gorgeous? They are my Christmas gift from my children, and I just love them! They're solid steel and very heavy.

When my parents arrived for Christmas, my mum brought me this Figgjo wall plaque in the Folklore pattern by Turi Gramstad Oliver. I love her universe of quirky patterns and people. The detailing is so great. This line has text, old norwegian proverbs. On this one it says: "Good conversation saves food". Excuse the poor translation, it rhymes in norwegian. It was my sweet grandmother's, she had it on her kitchen wall. Pretty soon it will be on mine! My mum found it left behind in a shelf, I got the rest of the set some time ago (look here).
Speaking of kitchens, this wekend we'll start clearing out all the stuff from our shelves and drawers, and start tearing the whole thing down. I'm not particularly looking forward to that bit, but I'll better keep my "eyes on the prize", right? My goal is to deliver a whole car load of stuff to Fretex ( the Salvation army thrift store) and only keep what we're actually using. Things have a tendency to accumulate...
I'll leave you with an item I just added to my wish list! It says "Stavanger", that's my beloved west coast town where I grew up! The church (top middle) is actually the medieval cathedral where I got married. The plate is by Stavangerflint and is part of a line of souvenir plates. I'm considering ordering it (from Etsy). Unfortuneately, the seller is in the US, and the shipping usually turns out to be four times the price of the item... I might wait and see if it turns up in a local thrift store, but then again, I might be too tempted... To be continued!


  1. What a fantastic surprise when you thought you already had all the set. Getting one more piece had to make your day!

    I collect Piet Hein grooks, and I love the simple design of the little flat plaques with a hole for a nail.

    If I were you, I'd have to splurge and get the plate from your hometown. Having the cathedral where you got married on it makes it worth the cost of shipping!

  2. Knowing myself, I'm pretty sure I will:-)
    I agree, the grooks are lovely! We used to have those as a daily feature at the back of the newspaper, but they disappeared many years ago. Such a shame, they're such great little pieces of wisdom.

  3. Those children of yours are keepers! What lovely treasures, certainly deserve to be left out!
    You must get the plate...or it will be the one that got away!:0
    I can't wait to see the new kitchen as well...very exciting!

  4. Thanks, I can't wait to show you! I'm gonna follow your advice, girls, I e-mailed the seller for a shipping quote tonight. You're so right, Pippa, this shouldn't be the one that got away:-)

  5. 'Your' cathedral plate is lovely Tove. I'm calling it yours because by the sounds of things you've had a change of heart and bought it (I hope so) Gorgeous riendeers from your kids (great taste like their Mum!) and I love the saying on your plaque, perfectly appropriate for me as I'm trying to eat less...I know now, all I have to do is chat more!

  6. Haha, me too!! Christmas is just too much food:-) I still have so much in my fridge, I wish it would just go away... About the plate, I guess I'd regret it if I didn't get it. It even has the ducks, made famous when I was a kid by a picture in the newspaper. We have a small lake in the middle of the city, and ducks often travel from the harbour (also in the city center) to the lake and vice versa. The picture showed a traffic officer stopping the traffic to help a duck with a string of ducklings cross the road. I think it was picture of the year or something:-)


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