Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Thoughts at the beginnging of a brand new year

The feeling of having a clean slate at the beginning of a brand new year always fills me with thoughts and makes me question my values, my priorities and how I spend my time. 2012 has contained many happy moments, but has also shaken us profoundly and almost made us loose our belief in the good of mankind. I'm especially thinking of the cruelty that's taking place in Syria and the heartbraking killing of innocent schoolchildren in the US. My heart is bleeding.
I'm scared of our feelings of resignation towards the world's neverending conflicts, but nothing fills me with more hope than stories of brave individuals and their relentless fight for peace. We must all support these wonderful people and spread the word of their selfless work. Bless them.
I feel terrified when witnessing the emerging of rasist groups within Europe, that seem to have learnt nothing from the horrible holocoust of WW2, and what's even worse- are questioning that it ever took place. We must never, never, never forget.
I wish our children could grow up on a healthier planet with cleaner air, living oceans and lush forests. I want to get better at recycling and teaching my kids not to throw away things that are not broken. I wish we could support renewable energy projects unconditionally instead of always complaining when these installations are getting close to our own backyard. Maybe my own profession could contribute in the design of renewable powerplants to minimize the conflict between technology and landscape preservation?  I wish my own oil- producing nation would use the amazing technology skills we've developed from drilling in the great depths of the North sea to make renewable energy more accessible. We certainly have the means. 
A lot to wish for, I know, but we must never stop wishing for a better world.
Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!


  1. What a beautiful picture and wonderful thoughts at the dawning of this new year. If we all contributed in our own way to those goals, just think how much better the world would be. I will continue to do my part. Happy new year to you and yours!

  2. Thank you so much, Dana! I guess I was in a very serious place when I wrote this. After the horrible Utøya shooting in 2011, where 69 young people were brutally murdered, we lost our belief in mankind for a while and it certainly made me wonder what kind of world I was introducing to my sweet innocent boys. The Newtown tragedy brought it all back. I guess that will forever make me wonder what a new year will bring. I hope 2013 will bring us optimism!


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