Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Found the Siesta!!

Remember I told you I've been searching for a norwegian design icon from the 60s for some time? This Sunday it finally came home with me!! I put an ad on FINN (the norwegian equivalent to Craigs list) and finally got some response. The chair is in great shape, the leather has almost no wear at all. Can't believe how good this weekend has been, thrifting- wise.

The award- winning Siesta chair was designed by Ingmar Relling in 1965 for norwegian manufacturer Westnofa, and is still in production, although by another company. On their website you can see today's different models. Relling was the norwegian Wegner, a great designer from the Scandinavian design movement. You probably know that The Chair by Wegner was made famous by Kennedy in a tv debate, but did you know there are 16 Siesta chairs in The White House?

Over the years, the simple construction and design has remained the same, but the materiality, the thickness of the cushion and general detailing has changed with the trends. The one I was after, and has now found, is from the late 60s, I know this because we had it back home when I was a baby. It has a black leather cushion and the wood is palisander, typical for that era. I love the way the whole design concept lies in the simple construction. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm SO happy I found it!! The daybeds in the background are also norwegian 60s design, the same ones that we had in my toddler years, I'm a hopeless nostalgic...




  1. That is a beautiful chair, and it looks perfect with the daybeds. What an incredibly lucky find. I'm so glad your search paid off.

  2. Thanks again, Dana, always nice to hear from you!

  3. It's always special when a girls handsome prince finds her! Match made in have amazing taste! :)

  4. It's freezing cold and it's Monday morning.... That comment made it all better:-) Thanks!!!


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