Sunday, November 11, 2012

More jewellry

I had a dive into my overfilled jewellry box today, most of all to throw out all the junk and make more room for what's worth keeping. Among my dearest treasures are the colorful jewels my kids have made for me.
I have a few really modern pieces- I got this gorgeous cuff from my parents, it's a one of a kind made by a norwegian artist called Fie von Krogh. Isn't it great? It's made of solid silver with a steel button and is a full 8 cm wide.

Funny thing is, and I totally forgot about this bracelet that I made when I studied modern art and design years ago, before I did my master degree in architecture. It has the same cuff with steel button design. It's made of laminated plastic sheets with steel wires.
I made a line of plexiglass jewellery with very simple geometry in red and clear, as well as a bracelet inspired by the beautiful materiality (the two toned onyx marble) in Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona pavillion. Alas, I don't find that the pieces are very wearable, I don't want to stroke my kids' cheeks while wearing one of those rings, if you know what I mean... I'm sorry about the poor quality of the images, this stuff is really hard to photograph. Wishing you all a great Sunday evening!


  1. What lovely forms, they are very sculptural! I knew we were kindred spirits! Now I'm going to spread the word on your lovely part of the world on my next post! :)

  2. Wow, thank you, Pippa- I'm so thrilled!


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