Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This weekends' catch

After a bit of a dry spell as far as thrifting is concerned, things seem to be picking up a bit. This Saturday I found some great stuff at two of my local thrift stores. The first little beauties that caught my eye were these little Ultima Thule glasses, I think they're meant for schnaps. We don't drink a lot of that here, but especially the men in my family like some aquavit with their Christmas dinner, and these will be perfect. I absolutely LOVE this series by the great Tapio Wirkkala, and pick up everything I find. So far, I only have the dessert bowls and these two, but hopefully some pieces will turn up soon. The tumblers are high on my wish list, they look so amazing with water and ice cubes.

These are some lovely glass pieces. The one in the back to the left is a full two kilos! I have no idea about the origin of these three, but the bowl in the front is a typical scandinavian 60s design. The vase in the back to the right has a bit of a 70s vibe. Love the heavy base with the bubble!
The Rocket- vase is a swedish mid- century design from the 60s, by artist Inge Samuelson for Sea glasbruk. It came in various colors, this one is a smoky grey.
This Haldensleben vase may be my most handsome West german so far! I was so thrilled to find it, I think it's a gorgeous piece. It fits perfectly in my neutral- toned little collection, I'll definitly look for more pieces within this color range. (The other two are Scheurich)
Moving on to the second store, I was equally thrilled to find this gorgeous ceramic lamp. Isn't it great? I don't know who made it, but I'm pretty sure it's norwegian and made in the 60s. It has the most amazing red glaze, with hints of dark brown to accentuate the shape and some yellow close to the top. The shop owner pulled out a couple of Scheurich vases from the back just as I was leaving, saying she thought they might match my new lamp, and boy was she right!!! The red one has the Inka pattern, the beige one I haven't seen before. I was a bit sceptical at first of this one, but fell for the flower and how they look together.

Remember the green planter from a previous post? I found its companion in that same shop. They have THE most delicious green glaze, the images don't do them justice. I'm still curious about the origin of these and have to investigate some more.

Finally, a green Scheurich. I'm not quite sure if I'll keep this one. It might end up as a gift. After all, I'm not a reseller, so I have to start narrowing down what to collect and go for just what I'm after. Oh, but the temptations....


  1. I don't know where to begin. Everything you found is beautiful. I love anything by Wirkkala, and your West German pottery is gorgeous. Lucky you!

  2. Thank you so so much! I really had to pinch my arm that day, couldn't believe my luck!

  3. Beautiful finds! Love that red lamp!

  4. Thank you, Francine! Now I hope I'll find a lampshade that'll do it justice!

  5. Wow, what a haul ! You are SOOOOO lucky !
    I've never seen the Scheurich poppy vase before. Very lovely. I'll have to thrift me one of those :-)
    God and I wish I could find some Ultime Thule around here...

  6. Thank you!! I've been admiring your finds more than once too:-)

  7. I'm sending over a box for that green WG! You have the thrifty knack, so much good stuff! :) very jealous!

  8. Thanks a lot:-) I wish I had your macrame skills!

  9. It just a knot, I'll teach you ;)


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