Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yesterday's finds

Thrifting has been kind of slow lately, not a lot around in my "hunting area" these days. My local Fretex  charity store has filled a lot of shelves with Christmas decorations, and they're neither vintage nor good looking, more in the trash category.... I can't stop myself wondering what goodies they might have in the back that won't come out until january.

Yesterday, i drove my son to a bandy cup in a city an hours drive from where I live. On the way back home the brakes shrieked as I suddenly noticed they have a Fretex store there too and it was one hour from closing time.

The shelves were more or less taken over by Christmas decorations there too, but I found a really cool planter and a glass vase. The planter weighs a ton, although it's not very big. It's handmade and signed. I don't recognize the signature, but I'm guessing it's something quite local. The city is known for a colony of artist that settled in an area of workshops and started a store there in the sixties.

The glass vase is from a line by norwegian manufaturer Magnor glassverk. They produced heaps of these in the sixties in different colors, so there's a lot of them around and you can get one for a reasonable price. Still, I think they're nice pieces, very simple and modern looking. The feature i like the most is the really heavy base of solid glass with the bubble inside. The one I found yesterday is clear, but I have a green and a brown one from earlier thrifting missions.

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