Sunday, November 04, 2012

More great norwegian mid- century design

The weekend is almost over, it's been a relaxing one, thank goodness. My weeks are so intense, I try not to have too much planned for my days off.
I made a stop at my nearest charity store on Saturday, but came home with no (as in zero) thrifts this time...
I did however see a chair there that I've been wanting for a long time. It was a bit tough leaving it behind, but the condition of the wood frame and leather was quite a bit below what I normally find acceptable. The wood frame I could probably sand down and polish, but it probably needed a new leather cushion.

The chair in question is the Siesta, designed in the 1960's by famed norwegian furniture designer Ingmar Relling. The chair is one of Norways greatest success stories in furniture design, a great piece of mid century design, and it's actually still in production today (an updated design, though, not the same as the vintage one) . It consists of a laminated wood frame, stretched canvas and a leather cushion. The principle is the same today, but it's interesting to see the subtle changes during the years, where it adapts to changing trends. I'm searching for the original model from the 60s, which was in production into the 70s, with a palisander frame and a black leather cushion. My mother nursed me in this exact chair, and I have a lot of memories of it from my home.

When returning disappointed from the charity store, I put an ad in the norwegian equivalent to Craigs list, hopefully I'll get some response.

Another great norwegian design is the Falcon chair by Sigurd Ressel in 1974. I love it in this lighter brown color, so cool and 70s! I'd love one of these too....

(I'm sorry, none of the images in this entry are mine!)

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