Saturday, September 01, 2012

A tribute to Herman Hebler

I recently stumbled upon this book that I bought at an art exibition some years ago, a retrospective by norwegian graphic artist Herman Hebler. If you don't already know this great artist, you're in for a treat.
He was actually there at the exibition at the age of 95, and I was lucky enough to get my book signed by him. Sadly he died the year after, but he has left behind a great legacy.
Hebler was born in 1911 in Fredrikstad, where he lived and worked most of his life. He studied art in the thirties, influenced by thirties modernism and the emerging nonfigurative artforms.
Today, he is considered one of the most consequent nonfigurative constructivists, both in Norway and internationally. His artwork is anchored in modernism, it's avantgarde, but also has an academic side. He explored the geometric shapes, the circle, the square and the triangle. The clean plains and sharp lines of his silkscreens are characteristic for his work. Heblers work has since the fifties been abstract, and has since the sixties been more and more concentrated on large, simple geometric shapes.
Herman Hebler was one of the pioneers of the silkscreen technique in Norway and is the founder of the international Graphic art biennale (now triennale) in Fredrikstad, his home town. I love the work of this great artist. In real life and original scale, the artwork is so intense, the hypnotic quality of the color and pattern sucks you in. And it's a great place to be....

Look at the murals ot the top left and middle right, aren't they gorgeous? I'd love to find out where they are and if they can be seen. I'll let you know!

Images from the book "Retrospective - Exhibition 1936 - 2006, paintings - graphics - drawings - objects"
Check out this link for more about this great artist.

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