Saturday, September 22, 2012


Fall is definitely here. My garden is putting on one last breathtaking show before going to sleep for the winter. We didn't get to do all the work we wanted to do outside this summer, but in full autumn colors the overgrown quality is kind of beautiful. I don't look forward to winter, I never do, so I'm trying to make the most out of this beautiful season, even if it's raining like it was today, going for walks and taking a lot of photos.

I did some thrifting today, too. I got a set of 4 cups and plates, again  from the Stavangerflint Brunette line, and in my favorite olive green color. The plates have a space for the cup, just like the Figgjo "tv- plates". These plates are smaller, though, and the cup takes up more of the space. This makes them more suitable for a biscuit than a sandwich, I guess.

I love the shape of this set. The plates are slightly square on the outer patterned rim. The cups are low and wide, perfect for tea. My Brunette pieces are slowly turning into a collection, I now have a sugar bowl & creamer set, a large serving dish, a medium sized serving bowl, six soup bowls, a small serving/ dinner plate and a single coffee cup and saucer, in addition to todays new acquisitions. I'll be on the lookout for more pieces.
I'm so silly; the color of the cups and plates looked so good on my grey dish towel after I washed them, that I had to photograph them....

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