Monday, September 03, 2012

Ultima Thule by Tapio Wirkkola

I just had to go back to the charity store after work today to see if the Ultima Thule dessert bowls were still there, I've thought about them since Saturday, regretting leaving them behind. What was I thinking?? There might have been a few more on Saturday, but I'm pleased that I'm now the proud owner of a set of four. They set me back only 100 kroner, the equivalent to $17 or £10,80. That's great design at a great price, supporting a great cause.

Tapio Wirkkola designed these beauties in the 1960s, inspired by melting ice. Aren't they gorgeous? They truly look like they're made of ice.
They seem to float above the surface, touching the ground only by three icicles. When the sun shines through them, the glass looks like melting ice. Amazing... 

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