Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Great reads

Just wanna show you a handful of great books. You're gonna LOVE these. I'll get right to it:

Minimalism by James Meyer is a book about the group of american artists who developed a new kind of geometric abstraction in the 60s. So many of my great favorites are in this book, artists like Donald Judd, Sol Lewitt, Dan Flavin and Richard Serra, to name just a few.
Modernism Rediscovered by Julius Schulman and Pierluigi Serraino features amazing images by architecture photographer par exellence Julius Schulman of american modernist buildings from the early "International style" until the 70s. Most of the images date from the heyday of these buildings and depict both the exteriors and the great interiors.

I know you guys are mad about scandinavian mid- century design, this is just the book for you!Scandinavian Design by Charlotte and Peter Fiell is a whopping 704 pages and covers just about every aspect of norwegian, danish, swedish and finnish design, with a range from textile art, pottery, glass, tableware and furniture to industrial design, telephones, radios and cars. I'll promise you, you'll find all your favorites here! 
Donald Judd by Hatje Cantz focuses on the architectural aspects of Judds work and his comprehension of the spatial concepts in his precise metal objects. The book also shows his furniture , which is closer to works of art than design.

Neutra by Barbara Lamprecht is a book that covers the most important work of architect Richard Neutra and his wonderful California modernism.

Mies van der Rohe at work by Peter Carter.  I love Mies van der Rohes wonderful steel and glass buildings, as well as his use of wood and polished stone. The book shows a variety of his buildings with pictures, text ans drawings. I've visited a few of them and I'm always amazed of the honesty of his use of structural elements as the only decor.

Okay, these were just a few of my favorite books, I might be back with more later!

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