Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anish Kapoor

Thought I'd follow up my last entry. On my trip to Chicago, I also checked out the sculpture/ spatial installation "Cloud gate" by Anish Kapoor. This is something completely different from Calder. Kapoor has several other works where he investigates the effect of turning the surroundings upside- down with the help of an object with a reflecting surface, and thereby twisting and questioning how we perceive them.

It's a great experience to observe how people act when exploring this artwork, it's the same behaviour you see in front of these strange fairground mirrors that distort reality. Spatial artworks like this, that you can move around in really invite you to become part of them, and are "activated" when you do, it's a great thing. Apart from the experience, the perfection of the chromed steel surface is just amazing...
Kapoor has a great website, check it out here.


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