Sunday, September 23, 2012

Unintentional work of art

I took some pictures of a shipwreck on my native coast some time ago. I'm totally in love with this stretch of land where you can experience with all senses the power of lands encounter with the sea. The wreck is evidence of how ruthless this coast can be when the weather plays up.

The ship has turned into something almost unrecogniceable, a strange new distorted composition of parts. You can see sections of the hull and inner constructions that would normally not be seen.

The wreck is huge, and it's new state is a result of the power that worked on it and the shapes of the topography that received it. It's fascinating, it's something man can't make. I never tire of it.

Luckily the coastline in this area is protected, you're not allowed to add or remove any stones or other items. that's probably the reason why the wreck is still here. I guess some people find the rusty giant really ugly, but for me it tells a story of the overwhelming power of the ocean.

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