Monday, September 17, 2012

To all you lovers of Egersund pottery out there

This summer I visited Egersund Fajancemuseum. It's a lovely museum located in the center of Egersund. The museum features a representative collection of objects from the 132 years the factory produced objects for everyday use as well as more unique art objects. The factory was founded in 1847 and closed it's doors in 1979. Alongside Figgjo and Stavangerflint, this was an influential pottery brand from the Rogaland region of Norway. Read more here.
The building is nothing special, (the museum is located in a shopping centre where the old factory once was), but the museum itself is beautifully designed (the white wooden cabinets are made by Tingbø, the company I've chosen to make my new kitchen!) and arranged chronologically so you can get a good picture of the changing trends, from the first years of production via their famous Puffin jugs designed in 1910 and up to the seventies and the "Unique" sunflower pattern most of you probably know. If you have a general interest in art and design, it's really interesting to see the changing trends and how they correspond with the movements on the continent, like bauhaus and art nouveau.

If you are anywhere near, I strongly recommend visiting this great museum! Here's a few pics of the museum interior and a handfull of the beauties on display there. Enjoy!


Large vase by artist Andreas Ollestad. 1910, influenced by art nouveau. 
The famous puffin jugs were designed by Jacob Sømme in 1910 and came in five different sizes. They were extremely popular and were in production until 1973.
I'm unsure of the production period here, but I see som art deco influence. 20s maybe?
Pieces from the line "Rex" by Jacob Bjørheim. Strong modernist influence. Production period from 1925- 1962.
Coffeepot and cup from the line "Gazelle". Production period 1930- 39.
"Unique" by Kaare Blokk Johansen and Unni Margrethe Johnsen 1971- 76.


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