Saturday, October 27, 2012

Macrame revisited

Do you remember the macrame of the seventies? I do. I used to hate it. We learnt how to make it at school, I even remember how it's done. Now it's back again, and boy was I wrong- it's so cool and goes wonderfully with everything mid- century. I have to search the attic of my childhood home, my parents have some macrame planters up there that my granddad (!) made.

I have to recommend to you this great blog called The Ouch Flower, if you don't already know it. The following images are Pippas.
I'm so impressed with this great gal, she makes the most beautiful things, macrame, embroideries, pottery, everything inspired (in my eyes) by the sixties and seventies. The embroideries remind me so much of something we had back home when I was a kid, I love the colors and patterns. The macrame planters are great and the wall art very mid- century/ indian dream catcher. Definitely on my wish- list.  You can buy some of her work at her shop, be sure to visit it, as well as her blog. It's so inspiring! By the way, see the red Scheurich in the first image? It's the exact same design that I showed you in my last entry, only with a different pattern.

For some more great macrame- inspiration, check out the work of designer/artist England, she makes some really nice stuff!


  1. Thanks so much Tove for featuring my work! Can I ask how you found my part of the world? Having never been to Norway, I'm so pleased pic's of my work has! :) I love Sally England's work too, I'm building up to creating some wall panels myself! Pippa :)

  2. Hi again Pippa,
    Isn't the internet a glorious thing, from Australia to Norway in a flash! I'm not sure wether I came across your blog through another blog or while googleing, but I noticed right away that it was really worth a closer look:-) I love handcrafted, creative stuff and yours is certainly in that category. I'm looking forward to seeing your wall panels, I'm sure they will be great:-) All the best, do come by again!

  3. Gee Whizz, that macrame 'curtain' is beautiful!
    Pippa's work is lovely too (just like Pippa herself)
    You've got a great blog btw Tove, I found you via Pippa and look forward to exploring more of the stuff that makes your heart beat faster (pretty sure it's going to make my heart skip a beat too)

  4. Thanks a lot Kylie, and ditto! found yours through Pippa, too, she's a regular matchmaker:-)


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