Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gorgeous leather...

Just want to show you this gorgeous leather bag I just got. It's handstitched and made from the most sturdy, thick, delicious natural tan leather. It's a tote/ messenger, it's large and has plenty of room for my laptop AND a bunch of other necessities. I love handcrafted stuff and this is one of a kind, made especially for me!

I got it yesterday from the guy who made it, someone who really means a lot to me, my dad!! A retired petroleum engineer who has grown a keen interest in making things by hand, learning new skills. He was always the typical tough guy, sailing, developing new oil fields, but after his retirement has enjoyed much softer values, like gardening, crafts and being a great granddad and father.

Earlier this fall, he made me THE greatest camera bag after I'd expressed how dull I find the other ones on the market (won't mention any names here!), with a few exceptions, and how much I loved the slimfitting leather ones from earlier days. He's a perfectionist and gives a lot of attention to detail, notice how great the stitching is, the dark stain on the leather edges and the perfect steel parts. He even made the buckle on the bag strap himself, when he couldn't find one that was good enough!
I love this stuff, I'll cherish them forever, that includes my dad!



  1. Oh my Tove, I love this bag! What a treasure that a friend of your made it. So beautiful

    1. Thank you so much Francine! I love it and use it all the time! I'd rather have one well crafted bag than 10 fashionable ones. And it's extra precious because my dad made it:-)

  2. You posted this before I started following your blog, and I'm so glad you linked back to it on Carmel's post. The bag is extraordinary, and the camera bag looks very similar to one my parents had when I was a child. I think my daughter has it now. Your dad's work is beautiful.

  3. Thank you so much, Dana, I love them so much and use them all the time. I'll tell my dad you said so, I'm trying to convince him how great this stuff is! Since this post, he has also made me a pouch for make up and he's going to make me a smaller bag too. My mum and dad usually spends november in southern Europe and he enjoys taking along some projects:-) Ah, those old camera bags are so much nicer than the ones you get today, I have no idea why they stopped making them that way! Your daughter must cherish it!


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