Saturday, October 27, 2012

Great furniture design

Just wanna share this amazing piece of furniture I've just seen, the Bykato sideboard from the danish company Brødrene Andersen Møbelsnedkeri. With obvious references to the great credenzas of the scandinavian design heritage,  they've added a new and playful twist, the perfect receipe for scandinavian furniture design today. You can customize your sideboard with your choice of wood and door color. Isn't it gorgeous?



  1. What an indulgence! To sit there and pick and choose your finishes, bespoke is such a nice sounding word! More panels tomorrow, see you there! :)

  2. Wonderful, I'm looking forward to that:-)

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  4. Thank you so much for the nice words:-) Do visit again!

    1. That's the best response to spam I have read in ages! Annoying isn't it?


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