Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pottery, pottery...

I arrived at my charity thrift store just 10 minutes before closing time yesterday, but managed to walk out with two great pieces of Scheurich pottery.
The first one is the big brother of this brightly colored Scheurich vase that I found at the same store earlier. Back then, I was a bit unsure about the color, but now I love it to bits, it's so gorgeous and goes well with my other stuff. I was thrilled to find another one. The one I already had is 21 cm, the new one is 29. Apart from the color and pattern, they have such a great shape. Don't they make a nice pair?

I'm guessing the neutral toned Scheurich I found last week must have been made around the same time, the style of the pattern is somewhat similar. Does anyone know? The seventies?
The other little vase I found is also a Scheurich, in green, mustard and beige with some black pattern. I payed the equivalent of 1,7 USD for it! I've displayed it with my vintage Magnor vases in green and brown.

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