Monday, October 08, 2012

Quartet in green and brown

I found some great colored pieces today, don't they make a great little quartet? To the left, a vase by finnish artist Pentti Sarpaneva from the early seventies. I know it's from the first part of that decade because it has a bronze "headband" (see image below), which was not found on the later pieces from this line. I want to investigate some more about this curious design, another entry will be following!
The large green and the slightly smaller brown vase are 60s pieces by norwegian manufacturer Magnor. I've often passed these by in thrift stores (I've seen a lot of blue ones), but couldn't resist them in these great colors. Finally, to the right, a piece of east german Strehla pottery. I saw some on the internet with the exact same shape but a different pattrern, dating from the 60s. I'm pretty sure this is from that same period. I love the pattern and the colors.

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